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Topless Valentine’s Day

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This next blonde hottie decided to give her boyfriend who was stationed overseas a very special Valentine’s Day present. While he is fighting in Afghanistan for the US Marines she is over in the United States trying to remain faithful to him. The keyword here is trying, more on that later.

So when February rolled by she wanted to give him a very special present. Since she couldn’t blow him or ride him, she did the next best thing. She took whipped cream and put it all over her chest in the shape of a heart. And if you have two eyes then you can already see that in the picture.

She has perfect breasts and a pretty hot body and face too. Her breast size is 38D and they are quite amazing. Well all the guys agreed and she received a lot of attention now that her bf was overseas. She couldn’t deny them so she blew a couple of dudes because she was horny and lonely.

Her BF found out and as payback / revenge, he decided to send us this picture to show the world his naked ex girlfriend.

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