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Tiny Fit Babe On Instagram

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This next babe is big on Instagram. She has 33k followers and each of her new updates gets a lot of double-taps. She loves to post pictures of her cat, who always has a serious stern look on his face. This college girl also enjoys taking pictures of the beach and palm trees specifically. But what she really takes pictures of a lot is her body.

Most of her followers on Instagram are guys who drool over her nice body. The others are girls who are haters. Then of course there are trolls too but let’s not talk about them. But one day she mad a crucial mistake that has now ruined her social life, both on IG and in IR. She accidentally uploaded a picture of herself topless.

Now you may be thinking, how the hell do you upload a picture of your boobs on Instagram by accident? You first have to take the picture, crop it, choose a filter and then upload it. Well let’s put it this way, this tiny babe isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. She had taken a good 14 pictures of herself and was looking to find the best one. Most of the pictures showed her wearing a tank top and panties. The others had her wearing sweats and a tank top.

But there was one picture that she took without her top on. In this image she was smiling and she just concentrated on her face and determined that this was the best picture of herself. It was showing her nice smile and her fit rock hard body. So she upped it and within minutes she had 148 likes. Her Nokia was blowing up with all sorts of alerts. She ignored it and went to sleep. Whens he woke up she had 5,159 likes and she had 18 texts from friends asking her wtf she was thinking.

She removed the image but it was too late, mostly everyone had already seen it. And since I saved the picture and I’m uploading it here – now it will live in infamy forever. I will remove the picture of this tiny fit babe if I am paid $500 in cash. Otherwise, her tiny tits will remain here forever.

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