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The Panty Dropper

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There’s a drink out there called the panty dropper. When a woman takes just a mere sip of this alcoholic beverage, she loses all self control and turns into a sexpot. Well this next babe must have guzzled a gallon of that booze because she is ready to go. She is horny, she is wet, she is down to fuck.

This image shows her practically naked, with just her panties on, which are about to come off anyway. If her vaginal area is as nice as the rest of her body, we are in for a treat. And by vaginal area I mean her pussy-hole and labia stuff. She has sweet boobs. The type of boobs that a 22 year old college babe should have. But every 22 yr old babe doesn’t have a body like her though that’s for sure.

This blonde goes to 24 hour fitness to work on her core muscles. She has great balance because of the routines she does. She works her abs, her butt and her legs. This makes her a lean mean fucking machine. Perhaps that’s why she has removed her shirt to expose her breasts and she is dropping her underwear.

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