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Shy Babe Completely Naked

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It was her very first time showing off her lovely body. She only got naked to shower. Other than that her body was always covered. Even at the beach this shy babe would wear a monokini or just a tank top and shorts. There was great shame and shyness with her body.

So you can imagine how difficult it was for her to get completely naked and take a selfshot picture. This shot was taken and sent as a dirty text message to this girl’s college boyfriend. She was madly in love with him. He just wanted a hot bitch to fuck. She was his flavor of the week and she had no clue.

After he dumped her she cried and begged him to delete the picture of her boobs she had just sent a week prior. He told her to fuck off and to go to tomorrow.

So here we are today. This is the picture she never wanted anyone to see. Here is our message to her:

Hey shy girl. Suck it up. You got nice tits. I bet you have a sweet little pussy and ass too. Don’t be so shy next time and maybe you’ll lose your virginity soon. See ya.

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