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See Thru Sheer Goddess

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What’s the joy in seeing a woman completely naked? right? Well maybe I went too far on that one. This blog post is for those who enjoy leaving something to the imagination. There is just something special about a woman in sheer clothing.

This could be a sheer blouse (with or without a bra). This could also be a sheer bra in and of itself. But out in public it’s hard to see much if a girl has a sheer bra. Sure, if she has on a thin white tank top you might just sneak a peek at her nipple color, or at least see some darker shading. You may also get a peek at her nips, especially if they are erect nipples.

The sheer blouse with no bra is the best though. This is because you can see the shape of the breast, you can see the nipples, and you can see if the nips are erect too. Undeniably this is one of the hottest looks a woman can sports, especially if she is in a public setting.

This babe is truly a queen, a goddess, if you will. She is a blonde babe with her hair curled up in layers. She has a nice smile and a huge pair of breasts. The fact that she wears see through clothing is just icing on the cake.

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