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Perfect Filipina Babe

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Who knew that these brown Asian gals were such hotties. Usually chicks from the Philippines look like a female version of Manny Pacquiao but with a larger mustache. Usually Hawaiian babes look like Manti Te’o with smaller tits.

Anyway, this babe here must be the exception. If them flips are as hot as this, then bring them over. I might even not care about the disgusting smell and let them blow my ding dong.

This hottie is quite perfect if you ask me. She’s got a fine looking body that’s tight and all right. She’s got very nice tits that may be altered but I’ll still take her to the altar. Her lips are nice too. Hopefully she doesn’t talk a lot of ding dong lalala bullshit and instead does a lot of blowies and handies if you dig what I’m throwing at ya.

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