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College is a time of self exploration. This means that you learn what you want to do for the rest of your life. You make new friends and explore new things. You establish your personality, you lay the groundwork for your future. But this next college babe has given self exploration another meaning.

Here is a shot of a naughty college girl showing her sweet 20 year old breasts. Amazingly she doesn’t work out at all. She just naturally has a great body. This babe is new to masturbation and loves to explore her body now that she has learned how to reach an orgasm with her middle finger. She claims to stick her finger inside her twat, fiddle around for 2 minutes and then she reaches a twitching, brief, yet intense, orgasm.

In case you were wondering, her name is Jessica. She goes to Gonzaga University and is a sophomore studying liberal arts. She is single, has had sex twice with two different guys and has given head just one time before. The guy gave her the white goo as a surprise, while he was still inside her mouth. She spit it out onto her dress and got mad because of the stain.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to this naughty college coed for sharing her stories with us and for giving us a glimpse into her life at college as a horny college coed.

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