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This is a college girl who wishes to remain anonymous when she sent me this picture. I told her, sure babe, check back on the site later in the day and I’ll post your picture up. She is a real college coed who goes to a local college so she can be near her parents and grandparents. She is studying hard but also likes to party a bit too. She is just a typical average college party babe.

She likes to well sexy clothing like short shorts that show off her legs and a part of her lower butt. It’s like sideboob but for the booty. She likes to show off her tummy which is well defined and her sweet tits too. She is a bit shy so she only flashes halfway. It’s a quick boob flash but a small titty flash here and there is better than no boob flash at all as I always say.

You think it’s all gravy and I’m going to end this post right now, right? Well you would be fucking wrong about that one. This college chick here isn’t all rosy posy at all. As it turns out, well, this girl was such a fucking douchebag. In her interaction with me she sounded like such a pretentious little cock face. I wanted to take my smooth testicles and rub them on her chin (as I brutally pound her throat of course).

She sent me an email and I got her email address now. I then looked her up on Facebook and found her profile. Then I looked her up on Twitter and found her too. Then I found what her username is and I looked that up on Google and was able to find her Foursquare and Yelp account. She unlocked the keys the kingdom by just emailing me.

By knowing her email, I found out her name and who all of her friends were. I created a fake Facebook profile and pretended to be an old high school friend. She accepted me and afterward I was able to see all of her pictures. I even got a look at her college acceptance letter she posted on Instagram and was able to get her address which was on the letter.

I then had everything I needed. I threatened her with posting the picture up and sharing it with her grandpa and her Economics professor, who she was friends with on FB. I blackmailed her into giving me pictures of her vagina, into making videos of her fucking herself with a cucumber and I even made her do a squirt video for me. She squirted her jizz on her college textbook, that was the deal.

After she lived up to her end of the bargain I have now opted not to post her name, but I’m still posting up Natty Belasuro’s picture though. Oops.

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