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Flashing During Spring Break

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What is it about Spring Break that makes college girls go wild and crazy. It seems that during March of every year, for one week a bunch of college girls go to Florida or Texas, get wasted and flash their titties.

Come to think of it, perhaps it’s understandable. These are all girls who are finally out of their house and are now in college. They are dealing with the stress of studying, getting good grades, boys and of course midterms. They need one week to relax, forget about all their troubles and get fucking wasted.

This amazing Latina babe hit up a texas beach party and had the time of her life. She was taking so many tequila shots and shots of Patrol that she was wasted within the first 15 minutes. So with a crowd of loud cheering guys she opened up her bikini top and revealed the most perfect set of hanging breasts your eyes will ever see. Enjoy these spring break titties.

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