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Flashing During Mardi Gras

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Mardi Gras is a very special time that only occurs once per year. Every March in New Orleans Louisiana a bunch of horny girls from all the local colleges go out and get drunk and get buck wild. It’s as if anything they do that night won’t matter the day after. No matter what happens they can always say “Hey it was Mardi Gras”.

Let me tell you something about girls. They are all horny sluts. They just don’t want to admit it for societal reasons. A girl does not want this label amongst her friends and colleagues at work. So any excuse girls have to do something crazy and get away with it they will take it. Mardi gras is just one of those occasions.

So this babe pictured here is a college girl from Texas. She is a Longhorns babe and took a road trip over to Louisiana to partake in the drunken festivities. This babe did not want beads, she just wanted to flash her boobs and have a great time. Let me go ahead and say it, she has perfectly shaped breasts and if you find me a better pair of tits, send it over because this is a perfect ten pair of titties.

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