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Drunk Party Girls

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When girls go out for a girls night out you know it’s going to be a wild night. They say they are just hanging out with old high school buddies and they’re just going to grab a bite to eat. Yeah fucking right. You know they’re going out, getting drunk and probably getting banged by a few guys too.

These girls’ night started out calm and quiet but then the alcohol started flowing. One of them ended up taking out her breasts while the other ones sucked on her tits. It was fucking epic. Epic fail that is. The reason is that one of them took pictures and posted them on Facebook like a fucking idiot.

Before it was deleted I got my hands on it and am republishing it here. But holy damn just look at the tits on that babe – they are fucking amazing. Her areolas are so big and round and those tits are beyond juicy.

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