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Daring Gym Flasher

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There’s this babe who works out at my gym. She is always taking selfshot pictures in the mirror of the gym. One day I approached her and asked her if she has an Instagram or where she posts her pictures to. She told me she posts them on Twitter so that her fit buddies can see her progress.

I asked her for her twitter name and she handed me her phone so I can go to Twitter and add my name so I can follow her and vice versa. Well she stepped away to get a towel and I had my chance to do something wild.

I inserted a mini SD memory card with a virus I always carry around for fun. After installing the virus I took the card out and gave her the HTC One back to her. Let me tell what this virus does. It takes a copy of every picture she takes and it emails it directly to me when she goes on wifi.

So a few days later I hear a ding on my phone and it’s a new email showing me her latest picture. The pic you see above is what she took. Since she had just taken the picture I knew she was at the gym. So I went to the gym (which is 5 minutes away from my apartment) and found her there. It was exciting to talk to her just minutes after she was taking a daring topless picture in public. I knew she was a wild one.

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