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1st Time Showing Her Breasts

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When a girl decides to post her breasts online she does it for attention. She wants guys to make comments about how beautiful she is in order to make herself feel better. Yes they do have self esteem issues, but then again doesn’t everybody.

Let’s take this one girl for example. She uploaded a tasteful topless picture of herself and waited for the dozens of comments to come in from guys. Every single comment was positive and she felt great about the whole experience afterward.

It was her first time so she was naturally nervous about exposing her boobs to a group of complete strangers (mostly horny dudes wacking off). But in a strange way she was aroused by the thought of knowing that guys were getting off to her sweet titties. There’s nothing wrong with what she did at all.

She played field hockey in high school and is now a college cheerleader. She tries to work hard on her body, so why not show off what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. She has a nice curvaceous body and sweet looking breasts.

It may have been her first time, but I bet you this, it will not be the last time she flashes her boobs online.


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